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House Rules

1. Housekeeping

Tenants are expected to maintain cleanliness and orderliness in their respective rooms and shared spaces. Regular housekeeping services will be provided by the staff, but guests are responsible for their own personal belongings and must keep them organized and tidy. Truliv is not responsible for any loss of personal belongings.

2. Quiet Hours

To ensure a peaceful and respectful co-living environment, quiet hours will be implemented from 10pm to 7am. During this time, guests are expected to keep noise levels to a minimum and refrain from any disruptive activities.

3. Shared Spaces

Tenants are encouraged to use shared spaces such as the kitchen, living room, and dining area. However, they must clean up after themselves and be considerate of others who may also want to use the same spaces. Please also respect the individual policies such as kitchen and fridge policies present at your property.

4. .Guests and Visitors

Tenants are welcome to have guests/visitors, but they are responsible for their behaviour. Please ensure that your visitors abide by the house policies. Visiting hours would be from 9 am - 7 pm beyond which guests/visitors will not be permitted to be in the property. Guests/Visitors are not allowed in the rooms of tenants, and can only access the common areas and amenity spaces. Please ensure to register your guests/visitors with the property executive prior to their arrival or at the time of arrival. If a representative is not present/available, kindly share an email to “writetous@truliv.in”

5. Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted inside the building, including individual rooms and shared spaces. Guests may smoke outside in designated smoking areas.

6. Security and Safety

Guests are responsible for their own safety and security, and must take necessary precautions to prevent theft or damage to personal property. Access to the building is controlled and monitored by the staff. Truliv is not responsible for loss and theft of personal belongings. Any sort of illegal activity that is prohibited by the law is also prohibited at the property. Truliv reserves the right to evict any tenant if connected to, associated to, is involving themselves or participating in illegal activities on an immediate basis.

7. Payments

Guests are required to pay for their stay in advance, and refunds are subject to the notice submission policy as specified in your LLA. Late payments may result in additional charges or eviction. All payments must be made via your Coliving Dashboard. Any and all other forms of payments will not be accepted.

8. Feedback and Suggestions

Guests are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions to help improve the overall co-living experience. Truliv will consider all feedback and make necessary adjustments to the house policies as needed. Please email “writetous@truliv.in” or call us at +91-7845353444

9. Utlitiies

We have a fixed utility charge. These charges are prepaid at the beginning of every month. The charge is levied against each bed in the property. The charge is inclusive of EB Consumption in your room and common areas, Water usage, Sewage charges and Garbage disposal.

10. Issues

Please ensure to report any issues you are facing, via the ticketing system in your Coliving dashboard. In-case you still wish to get in touch with directly, kindly email "writetous@truliv.in" with your ticket number as the subject or call us at +91-7845353444

11. Refunds

Please note that refund of the security deposit is processed after 10 working days after the last day of notice. The Security Deposit amount shall be refunded only once the Licensee’s notice period has expired. The Security Deposit is fully refundable subject to:

1. Clearance of any and all dues payable prior to checkout. Any payment made after the date of check out will not be accepted by the Licensor.

2. Return of fixture and furniture provided at the time of move-in without damage,

3. No damages Caused to/in the licensed premises

4. Issuance of mandatory notice period notifying to the licensor to exit the licensed premises.

5. It is clarified that deductions to the security deposit shall be applicable in case of not satisfying the above refund terms set forth by the licensor.

Failure to complete all payments against invoices raised by the Licensor prior to moving out will result in non-eligibility for refund of security deposit thus leading to forfeiture of the complete amount


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